I hear so many athletes (including myself) “complaining” about how difficult it is to stay motivated for training in Winter. Is it a Cape Town thing? Are we spoilt with magnificent weather two thirds of the year and then not prepared enough for a drop in temperature and a little bit of wet and cooler weather for the other third?

With heated indoor pools, the invention of watt bikes and smart trainers and of course the treadmill or is it the “dreadmill”, we really don’t have an excuse. Losing those extra kg’s you pack on over winter in the space of what felt like a second and then trying to regain your fitness is MUCH harder than just getting up and going for a swim, bike or run every other day.

Here are some handy tips to help you get your MOJO back

– HAVE A COACH… someone that sets you goals, monitors your progress and regularly checks in on you, someone that you are accountable to for “no shows” and someone that is waiting for you on pool deck or road side
– HAVE A GOAL/S… realistic & achievable, but challenging and within the next 3-6 months – there are loads of open water swim, bike, run and triathlon events coming up
– TRAIN WITH A GROUP – whether it’s a swim squad, running club, cycling group or indoor class, meeting and training with others makes it a whole lot easier and helps to keep you motivated and challenged at the same time
– EARLY TO BED – try to get to bed a little earlier and then that early morning wake up to train in the dark or that 2nd session after a full work day won’t feel as bad

Apart from ensuring that you get to bed early, K8 Multisport Tribe offers you all of the above…

Coach Britt will help you set your goals, design a training programme which is realistic, challenging and specific to you and check in on you regularly or just be there for you

Swim squads are offered 5 days a week @ Point Virgin Active at times suited to the early risers, midday lunch hours and the night owls. Canal swims on a Sunday afternoon @ 15h00 are the best way to end off a weekend

Group Rides happen every weekend and weekdays from August and a coached group run session will start on a Wednesday morning in early August.

Email/Whats App Britt on britt@k8coaching.co.za/ 082 3372885 for any training info or queries you may have.


Send your tips to britt@k8coaching.co.za and we will reward the best tips with one month free training programme or swim squad training.

Happy Training and we look forward to hearing from you!