I have had the privilege in the last few weeks of swim training alongside Annah Watkinson, our homegrown Ironman PRO who was the first ever South African woman to place in the Top 3 at Ironman South Africa this year. This has earned her a slot for the Ironman World Champs in Kona later this year. Unlike most other PRO’S, Annah also holds down a full time high powered job.

On most days, Annah trains at least 2x a day and on some days up to 3x a day. Her swim session which starts at 05h00 is nothing short of 5km and this she does 5-6 days a week.

Many of us follow the PROS of the world and we kind of have an idea of their training regime, but never really get to know them on a more personal level.

In the short time that I have trained with Annah and with the few seconds we have to breathe and chat in between sets, she has made me realise how ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING. Training with her, you realise how can you possibly even begin to moan about how tired you are, how cold it is outside or quite frankly about anything. Her positive attitude gives off such an energy and this is what drives her (and me) and keeps us all going.

2 days ago, Drug Free Sport were knocking on her door to test her at 9pm! Was she late for swimming the next day? Did she arrive on pool deck at 05h00 moaning about how tired she was? Did she moan about the testing team? No… smiling and eager, she jumped in to the pool and smashed her warm up before Luke and I could even get our kit off. She even commented at how friendly the testing team were!

My point is… if your energy levels feel low and you can’t imagine getting out of bed, never mind doing a little exercise, maybe you need to assess your current attitude before running off to the doc for an infusion of sorts and/or missing another session.

My 6 tips on how to find that positive attitude

  • Make your circle smaller and stick with people that give you energy, not sap it from you
  • Join a training group of like-minded people on the same mission as you
  • Challenge yourself and train with people who may be stronger than you – don’t back out of a swim/bike/run, because you are worried you won’t keep up
  • Don’t think too far ahead, get through your day step by step and acknowledge yourself for each step forward – just like a triathlon…
  • Say I CAN, not I CAN’T
  • Stop making excuses & putting things off for tomorrow, put those big girl/boy panties on and get yourself in to a challenging but realistic daily/weekly routine

Our K8 Multisport Tribe is all about a positive attitude and for those that know me, you will know what a hard time I give you if you do arrive at a session with a long face and a bad ass attitude!!!

With all the offerings we have, you also have no excuse not to train and surround yourself with like-minded positive people who will challenge you – see below

The EXCITING NEWS is that from Wednesday 7 August at 06h00, we will be bringing back our COACHED GROUP RUN SESSION with Anton Slabbert of AWOL fame. All levels are welcome and sessions will include hills, intervals, technique and strength. All sessions will start and finish in Camps Bay.

From September, we will start our GROUP RIDES on a Tuesday morning 05h30.

Our weekend rides happen every Sat/Sun weather dependent throughout the year.

SWIM SQUADS Monday – Friday (mornings, lunch time & evening) and CANAL SWIMS on a Sunday.

Email britt@k8coaching.co.za for more info