Tomorrow in SA is undoubtedly going to be THE MOST EXCITING day many of us have had for a while and just like our friend in this pic, lots of happy smiley faces galore!

Although the timing and radius is not ideal, let’s embrace it and make the most of it.

As a coach, I also would like to share some ideas with you which you can choose to use or lose…

Whether you choose to run, walk or cycle outdoors, don’t expect miracles from your bodies. You may have been training like crazy indoors, but for the first few days, allow your bodies time to adapt and adjust to the road. Enjoy the freedom and fresh air.

Most people will likely start with a run or walk. If you have never really been a runner or not been able to do much running in the last 5 weeks, ease in to the run. There is no hurry and if you want to do this every other day, save yourself. Treat this period as a BASE PHASE, an opportunity to start slowly with less mileage and build on your base as you go. A weekly mileage increase of no more than 10% is recommended. Start with a 5-10 min brisk walk and then 1-2 min of running every 3-4 min. As you build up your run fitness, you can move to a 4 min run/1 min walk etc. If your last long run was 15k before lockdown, start with max 10k and build on that (for example). You can apply a similar principle to cycling, just don’t walk!

Many of you have introduced new disciplines to your training schedules. DON’T STOP NOW… Cross Training is hugely beneficial and with all the strength/mobility/fitness you have built up in these last 5 weeks, don’t let it go to waste. Pilates, Yoga, Strength, Cycling, Running & Swimming (even the dry land version) are all great combinations and will keep your minds and bodies well balanced and healthy.

Yes, I do not want to “lose” you all to the road, BUT, with winter on its way & mornings still fairly dark until 07h00 coupled with safety issues,  indoors is the better option for now. Interval training 2-3 x per week on the indoor trainer will boost your performance & fitness on the bike whilst riding outdoors helps with your endurance and your bike-handling, cornering and balance skills sharp. My suggestion would be to aim for at least 2-3 indoor sessions a week and one longer outdoor ride on the weekend. Add in your Pilates, Yoga, Strength, Running & Dry Land Swimming and you have a busy week!

For those on ZWIFT, I will gladly load our indoor workout in to your Training Peaks schedules and you will have your Power specific workout in line with what we are doing. This way you can join us on Zoom and still enjoy the group vibe. Please make contact with me to set this up. For those still learning the indoor trainer ropes or looking for more info, Duncan is putting together a great article for us on Indoor training and Trainers – will share with you ASAP.

Indoor sessions will continue as planned – time changes to be confirmed. Please note that ALL strength sessions do not require weights. Tin cans, water bottles & resistance bands/cords are as much as you will need. Husband/wives/children & partners are ALL WELCOME to join our strength sessions.

Our updated schedule as of Saturday 2 May will be:
Mon/Wed Virtual Strength TBC (all family members welcome too)
Tues/Thurs Virtual Indoor Ride 07h00-07h45
Fri HIT Pilates (afternoon class time TBC)
Sat Virtual Indoor Ride 08h30-10h00

Aim to stay balanced, use your indoor and outdoor training to complement each other using this time to become the best, most well-rounded version of you.

And last, but not least, please join us for the K8 Virtual Challenge #3 this weekend – details below.