Firstly I want to thank you all for your support this past month even though we have not been able to physically swim & train together outside of our homes.

As you know, I have been giving 3 swim specific strength sessions and 3 indoor bike sessions a week and it has been awesome to have so many of you joining us.

I know some of you have your own personal trainers, bios and coaches and some of you have also chosen to take the time out and do things at your own pace and in your own time – I respect and totally understand that.

I also know MANY of you own your own businesses, have taken a pay cut or are now “unemployed”. The situation is crappy for all of us – my full time job is swim, bike & run coaching with swimming as my main discipline. I had 10 adult swim squad slots a week @ Virgin and I ran a swim school from home for littlies – I can only hope that it will not be too long before I can put these words back in to present tense again.

I had a little chat with Cyril and sadly he said that as much as he wants us back at swimming, it is pretty clear that the gyms fall in to the current Level 2 category & will unlikely open their doors for a while.

He also suggested that I no longer send out invoices for swim coaching but encourage OUR PEOPLE to keep moving and to stay fit and healthy. I will therefore continue with the virtual strength & bike sessions as well as the virtual challenges – please encourage family & friends to join us.

Monthly fees will be R600 for bike + strength sessions or R450 for strength or bike sessions only. I will adjust times to suit the majority where possible & when necessary.

Our current schedule is
Mon/Fri Virtual Strength 07h45-08h30
Wed HIT Pilates 07h45-08h30
Tues/Thurs Virtual Ride 07h30-08h15
Sat Virtual Ride 08h00-09h30

I welcome ANY suggestions and input from all of you! .

Cyril also suggested that this is the perfect time to work on your dry land swim strength and take up indoor cycling, but we will not hold it against you if you choose not to join us and obviously respect those who simply cannot. He encourages you all to stay on the group chats to stay abreast and we will continue to send recordings & video clips of the sessions we are doing.

I am willing and able to assist ALL of you in any way possible – be it a virtual stroke correction session, one on one strength, group sessions or just someone to talk to (I am a life coach too). Maybe you are even considering taking up running or cycling and would like some guidance on how to get started or even one on one sessions to get you started – this is my forte’ and I would love to help you!

Right now…stay well, stay safe and most importantly stay FIT & HEALTHY for your own sanity and wellbeing.

I really hope we get to swim & train together SOON, but for now I look forward to staying in touch xx