I really HOPE you are all doing well & staying sane!
I really HOPE you are finding ways to stay fit!
I really HOPE to see you all soon again!

H = Happy O = Opportunities P = present Positive E = Experiences

The above acronym is one I created for myself this week to try & focus on staying positive and looking for happy opportunities. With the small window period of freedom we now all have, it’s the ideal opportunity for a positive experience (just not COVID19 positive please).

We all know the 6-9am thing is not ideal and there is a lot of moaning about the time limit and timing thereof, but how many of you have noticed the following positives…

– whole families out together
– previously too busy dads/moms now taking their toddlers & children out for some fresh air & exercise
– people who would not normally walk anywhere now power walking through the masses
– friendliness of others
– people riding bicycles for the first time since their childhood
– dogs getting walked more than they ever did with huge grins on their faces

Sooo much speculation as to when we might start working again? When will we be able to have a fag or even a dop & braai with our friends? Whose business is more essential than the next? When can we start swimming again? When will our next looonnnggg ride be? When will we race again?

Who knows? No one really and we have no control over this either..

For now, we can control our happiness, our opportunities and our positive experiences – think HOPE!!!!

Thanks again to those who have checked in on me too…. it’s great to know that we are a big family of caring swimmers, runners, cyclists and triathletes who may not be “on the same boat, but we are all weathering a similar storm”.

Well done to the few that joined us for the K8 Virtual Challenge #3 last weekend – what a treat to run outside again and not in circles around our gardens and driveways.

We are taking a small break this weekend and will be back for the K8 Challenge #4 (no longer virtual as you can hit the road) – details below.

Also to confirm our indoor session times, lots of options so no excuses not to join, details below..

Stay safe, well, wear your masks and wash your hands.