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Love The Process

July 1st, 2020|

This new normal is just like an endurance training programme with a race date that keeps getting pushed out. In the wise words of Brett Sutton from Trisutto Coaching: "Following months in lockdown with no [...]

245 Second Plank Challenge

May 22nd, 2020|

To honour & celebrate Rohan’s Birthday on Sunday 24th May (24/5) K8 Multisport Tribe is accepting the #245Zonechallenge! We will be doing a 245 second Plank Challenge via Zoom. Families, partners, kids all welcome [...]

Lockdown Training

May 11th, 2020|

Firstly I want to thank you all for your support this past month even though we have not been able to physically swim & train together outside of our homes. As you know, I have [...]

Freedom Day

May 11th, 2020|

Tomorrow in SA is undoubtedly going to be THE MOST EXCITING day many of us have had for a while and just like our friend in this pic, lots of happy smiley faces galore! Although [...]

What Day is It?

May 11th, 2020|

I really HOPE you are all doing well & staying sane! I really HOPE you are finding ways to stay fit! I really HOPE to see you all soon again! H = Happy O = [...]

July Vibes

July 25th, 2019|

  Based on feedback and turnout, it appears that our "Finding Your Mojo"& "Attitude is Everything"posts had great impact on many of you. As a coach, there's nothing better than having a vibey group of [...]

Attitude vs Energy

July 18th, 2019|

  I have had the privilege in the last few weeks of swim training alongside Annah Watkinson, our homegrown Ironman PRO who was the first ever South African woman to place in the Top 3 [...]


July 10th, 2019|

I hear so many athletes (including myself) "complaining" about how difficult it is to stay motivated for training in Winter. Is it a Cape Town thing? Are we spoilt with magnificent weather two thirds of [...]