Freedom Day

2020-05-11T05:20:54+00:00By |

Tomorrow in SA is undoubtedly going to be THE MOST EXCITING day many of us have had for a while and just like our friend in this pic, lots of happy smiley faces galore! Although [...]

July Vibes

2019-07-25T14:34:49+00:00By |

  Based on feedback and turnout, it appears that our "Finding Your Mojo"& "Attitude is Everything"posts had great impact on many of you. As a coach, there's nothing better than having a vibey group of [...]


2019-07-10T10:29:35+00:00By |

I hear so many athletes (including myself) "complaining" about how difficult it is to stay motivated for training in Winter. Is it a Cape Town thing? Are we spoilt with magnificent weather two thirds of [...]